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North Dakota Food Freedom

What is North Dakota Food Freedom?

  • We believe that any North Dakota producer of food or drink should be able to sell their product directly to any North Dakota consumer WITHOUT government oversight as long as they disclose to the consumer that the product was created at home without inspection, permits or any government oversight.

  • We trust consumers to be their own inspectors who are able to decide if they trust the producer to provide a good, safe product and make buying decisions accordingly.

  • We believe producers understand that, if their product is not safe and makes someone ill, word will travel quickly and the producer will be out of business.

  • We do NOT believe that anyone should be required to purchase a direct-from-the-producer food or drink. These should be willing buyer, willing seller transactions.

There have been NO CASES of foodborne illness associated with legal cottage food products since the 2017 law was passed.

Want to understand how Food Freedom got started and what happened and when?

Look at our timeline.

2021 Legislative Session - See our Update Page.


The Department of Health's rules have been declared void.

January, 2021 - ND District Judge Cynthia Feland has struck down the Department of Health's onerous rules on Food Freedom.

Thanks to courageous producers willing to take a stand and attorneys from the Institute for Justice Erica Smith and Tatiana Pino and ND attorney David Chapman, a lawsuit filed against the Department of Health and Julie Wagendorf as head of the Department's Food and Lodging Division has been successful. The rules enacted by the Department are not invalid.

Click here for a summary of the court's decision.

You can read a press release about the lawsuit here.

You can read the actual complaint filed with the court here.

2021 brings another legislative session. ND Food Freedom will be present to stand up for all producers of local food who wish to sell their products directly to consumers. We hope you'll participate with us.

Here's the actual law in Century Code.

How can you help?

DONATE - We had some large donations during the legislative session. While we were careful about spending, there's almost nothing left. We'll spend frugally, but right now payment for the website, supplies, incorporating, etc. are coming from the pockets of the same people putting in long hours to make this happen. We need to reimburse them for their expenses. We are NOT paying any staff.

Producers, Be Prepared To Share Your Story - What has the cottage food law done for your family? Does this mean Mom can stay home with the kids? Does the extra income pay for special activities, equipment, etc? Does this mean your family farm can expand and make room for another generation without purchasing land or large equipment?

Consumers, We Need Your Stories, Too! What foods and drinks are you able to purchase that you couldn't before? Do you like knowing the producer of those items?

We're especially looking for professionals: doctors, nutritionists, or others who can discuss food safety and nutrition from a professional perspective.

Submit Photos - We'll need a lot of good photos of local foods. ALL our photos should be ND products and people.